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    other languages

    Celtic languages, German, Polish

    proofreading and/or text optimisation

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    autres langues

    langues celtiques, allemand, polonais

    correction d'épreuves et/ou optimisation de textes

  • Serious Professional Translation

  • Many years of academic and scholarly background, writing and editing books, proofreading, simultaneous interpretation from persons acquainted equally well with English and French cultures. We can also translate, in the same fashion, all the Celtic languages spoken in the English- and French-speaking worlds.

    Contacts enable us to extend our services for translations from and into German and Polish, all to the same required high standard.

  • Traduction Professionelle de Haute Qualité

  • Nous avons plusieurs années d'acquis universitaires et de recherche, dans la rédaction et la révision de livres, dans la correction de preuves, et dans l'interprétation simultanée par des personnes toutes aussi bien accoutumées à la culture française qu'à la culture anglo-saxonne. Nous pouvons traduire, de même manière, toutes les langues celtiques parlées dans le monde francophone et anglophone.

    Des contacts nous permettent d'étendre nos services à la traduction en provenance et en direction des langues allemande et polonaise, le tout au même haut niveau requis.

Dictionary page
  • Representative Types of Translation and related Tasks

  • TRANSPICON-Sinead-4editing

    Straightforward Prose

    By straightforward or general prose we mean the kind of written language used to communicate information rather than to create a literary impression. Some literature may employ quite straightforward prose but literature often tends to employ variation in speech for effect and to impart atmosphere.

  • TRANSPICON-Sinead-6microphone

    Oral Translation

    By oral translation we mean the translation of a text into a digitally recorded form for public or commercial purposes. The oral translation of a play with numerous characters would constitute a rather different and exceptional request which we would be prepared to study.  

  • TRANSPICON-Sinead-3theatre

    Plays, Scripts & Cartoons

    By plays, scripts and cartoons we mean texts which are largely in a colloquial register, that is to say in spoken language. And, contrary to expectations, the colloquial register is actually more difficult to translate than general prose whose primary need is to be uniform and clear. Speech is characterised by variation on many levels (style, emphasis, incomplete sentences, informality, dialect, foreigner talk, historical period, etc.). The specialist knowledge required to correctly convey the impression created by examples of variation in one language into another is not that common an attribute amongst translators.

  • TRANSPICON-Sinead-2headset

    Audio Transcription

    Audio transcription is the conversion of recorded speech into a written document.

  • TRANSPICON-Sinead-1science

    Technical Documentation

    Technical and legal documents demands a particularly specific type of translation skills which requires knowledge of specialist jargons. Technical translation can be carried out but its cost will depend on the degree of complexity and particularity. We can study a request for the translation of a legal document but we do not specialise in this area.

  • TRANSPICON-Sinead-5proofreading

    Editing : Proofreading & Text Optimisation

    Proofreading is not translation but requires an uncommonly consistent mind which pays scrupulous attention to detail.

    Text optimisation - which includes copy editing - is a rather more involved process than proofreading. Apart from the necessity of proofreading the text as a preliminary action, the text optimiser's task is to suggest ways to impart the information contained in that same text in a more effective manner as well as to tweak the style of the language used.

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