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  • Dr. Yves Onfroy

    The Laverne translation agency was founded by retired academic, Yves Onfroy, who has been both lecturer and researcher at various universities in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Poland, specialising in linguistics and Celtic studies under the Welsh version of his name Iwan Wmffre. Brought up in Wales and Brittany speaking both native Celtic languages of those countries, he was also familiar from an early age with majority culture areas of England (particularly Liverpool) and France (particularly Angers and the Loire valley region). For over 50 years, he has participated in these cultures either side of the English Channel. Two different university posts have also enabled Onfroy to come to know Ireland, especially western Ireland, intimately. Over the years he has also come to know Germany and Poland well.

    With a keen interest in human society and the broad vistas of human existence, Onfroy has become a specialist of dialect variation and spelling conventions intended to represent colloquial language which confers on him a particularly useful specialism not widely found amongst translators.

    He is the author of many books, and has proofread and translated a number of others.

  • "Good translation implies not only expertise concerning the languages involved, but also a comfortable familiarity with their associated cultures."
Yves Onfroy