• Focus on Translation

The following articles will give our customers and interested readers an idea of our understanding of the nature of translation and the consequent practical implications for various approaches which can be adopted by translators.

Particularities of Celtic Languages

The Celtic languages of northwestern Europe exist in a radically different societal context from established official languages such as English and French. Translation into these dominated languages more often than not fails to understand the radically different societal context in which those languages exist. The ‘standard’ / ‘slang’ dichotomy, so pervasive in the context of…
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Some Thoughts About Translation

General thoughts about Translation The purpose of this article is to illustrate how the practice of translation from one language (the original) to another (the target language) goes beyond purely mechanistic processes typical of computer translation. The preliminaries: dealing with ambiguity and redundancy Translating original texts is hampered when they contain ambiguous passages, passages in…
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