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Two main factors determine the cost of translation: length and linguistic intricacy. The first is fairly easily worked out through word count but the second necessitates that we look at the document before deciding if it contains a particularly technical aspect that involves more work. Get in touch with us to see what your particular translation needs would entail and receive a quick response within 24 hours.

To give you a basic idea, Laverne's range of costs for the main categories of translation work is presented at the bottom of the page. For small and medium orders, all payments must be made within two weeks of receipt of the customer receiving the translation of the text. Naturally, invoices follow the completion of the agreed work. Only larger orders require payment at intervals agreed with the customer (completion of around 12,000 words / 25 pages). In these cases, of course, we agree to translate a three-page sampler to allow customers to assess the quality of our translations before finalising a quote.

For translations of less than 500 words, minimum rates are as follows: 100 words or less = €10 (minimum payment accepted); 100 to 200 words = €20; 200 to 300 words = €27; 300 to 400 words = €36; 400 to 500 words = €45. Thereafter prices reflect exact word counts.

Methods of Payment upon receipt of invoice : PayPal | bank transfer

Please note: Prices given here are calculated in euros and do not include applicable exchange rates.

Pricing Guideline

(9-10 euro cents per word above 500 words)




(about 500 words / a full A4 page)

Colloquial Script



(about 500 words / a full A4 page)




(about 500 words / a full A4 page)